Hansa Cequity helps India’s leading private sector bank to transform its marketing from a bank focused approach to a customer-centric one. We helped the bank build a Single Customer View – Cequity SnapshotTM that brought together more than 80 customer data sources into one. The Cequity SnapshotTM is now the foundation for all its customer marketing activity.

We then brought in our technology consulting team to identify and implement an advanced marketing automation tool. With a best in class campaign management platform, we helped them to deliver 100's of planned and many more automated campaigns every day. There by delivering significant ROI for the bank.

We have set up a customer and product strategy team that works with different departments in the bank to plan, execute and measure a range of one-to-one marketing campaigns for the bank.

Our creative team supports the bank with digital campaigns and social media engagement that helps bring alive the bank’s promise of delivering highly relevant and customer targeted one-to-one experience.

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