Pleasantly surprised that my shopping website takes care of my futuristic needs

One of my friends is a complete shopaholic and always buys everything online. She had pretty much purchased from every online website. While she was pregnant she was pampered and predominantly her husband used to buy her maternity needs from malls near his office. Ahhh! to her surprise one of the online e-commerce giants started recommending her multiple products for Expectant Moms. Two days after she delivered her baby she got a gift voucher for baby care products. She was happy to know that the brands know her well and know what she needs.

This is the power of connecting social and digital data along with the web browsing and basic previous transactional dataset. Like any other shopping brand, if the recommendations were introduced based only on the historical shopping patterns she would have received same slim fit trouser or skirt that she used for daily official wear.

Now, the power of big data fusion amongst multiple data sources helped to redefine her segment from a working woman to a happy family with kids. It is important to understand the correct demographic and behavior of the customer and redefine the same using multiple interventions. Utilize the customer one view to discovers patterns by learning consumers’ choices and produces the outcomes that co-relates to their needs and interests.

Cequity helps organizations with their Customer Centricity vision by marrying data, analytics, and strategy. Customer Centricity takes into account the needs of the customer and helps the marketer to create better campaigns.

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Devisha Bijwe

MarTech Consultant
Hansa Cequity