Why giving me offer to buy S6 when I already bought Samsung S8 two weeks back?

A few days back, I purchased Samsung S8 for myself from an electronic store. I was happy that I started getting promotional offers of different mobile accessories from the store on my registered Email ID and Mobile Number. Being a gadget lover I wanted to know what all different accessories I can buy for my phone so I started checking the emails regularly.

Strangely, after 10 days, I received a promotional offer on my email for Samsung S6. Why would buy another lower configuration phone in just 2 weeks? Also, they started sending me offers on accessories which were not even compatible with Samsung S8. I found these emails turning to be totally irrelevant and eventually I stopped opening their mailers at all. Well, do they have a target that they need to bombard a customer with 7 email recommendations a week?

The way I see it is that it was a bad customer experience and ultimately a loss to store. I would have enjoyed receiving relevant offers on accessories like mobile covers, screen protector, and a power bank. By sending irrelevant campaigns they missed an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

To avoid such opportunity losses, the brand needs to build appropriate recommendation engines. This will help brands not only to improve campaign performance but also to make their customers more connected which will ultimately increase customer retention.

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Shubham Kansal

MarTech Consultant
Hansa Cequity