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I recently shifted to Mumbai and wanted to book a flight from Mumbai to my hometown in Nagpur. Prior to Mumbai, I lived in Bangalore for three years and my bookings history showed frequent Bangalore – Nagpur flights. Ahhh! But to my surprise, I was being bombarded with Diwali offers for flights from Bangalore to Nagpur even though my last two flights were from Mumbai to Nagpur. This shows that the online booking platform was not considering my recent behavior but was sending out campaigns based on overall three years historical transactions. In addition to this all my social websites – Facebook, LinkedIn had my current location updated as Mumbai.

In such scenario, there is a need to capture profile information, scan social networks and enhance data with third-party sources. Efforts are being made to maintain a high level of data quality even after data integrations from multiple platforms. Social-smart, Cequity’s own internal tool, gathers information about the customer from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and helps in making the campaigns tailored for the customer and create content for the individual. Intelligence through social smart will highlight a change in my current location would and help the online platform to send me campaigns and offers for relevant flights from Mumbai to Nagpur.

Social-smart collects data like social influence, topics of interest, demographic and geographic information. Social-smart helps improve the campaigns by creating a personalized user experience and increase the success rate making the marketer aligned to the needs of the customer.

To be ahead of competitors, marketers need to align their strategy with the needs of their targeted audience. It is important to integrate the customer behavior from your own website, search engines, and social media platforms. All the e-commerce websites use a combination of session cookies and persistent cookies to create a seamless user experience, create personalized retargeting campaigns and encourage conversions.

Cequity helps organizations with their Customer Centricity vision by marrying data, analytics, and strategy.

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Devisha Bijwe

MarTech Consultant
Hansa Cequity