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Hansa Cequity has deep and varied experience in helping consumer, pharma & industrial product firms understand and engage with their customers. Over the years, we have worked closely with Indian and International companies for their customer engagement & experience strategy. Starting with data management using our proprietary data methodology Cequity Snapshot™, we have helped build a single view of customers across different source of data, applied insights & analytics using our proprietary platform Cequity ACE Insights™, and improved the velocity of engagement using intelligent & real time campaigns using a variety of technology platforms, digital channels & customer relationship centres. This has helped our clients get deeper understanding of their customers while improving cross-sell & up-sell & retention ratios.

Furthermore, Cequity has helped many of these firms build a dedicated Customer Marketing Centre – which brings the power of data, analytics, campaigns, digital & customer interactions together for improved & orchestrated customer experience.

We can help your company too in this journey. Get in touch today!

We can help your company too in this journey. Get in touch today!

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