Cequity ACE Insights™ - Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analytics Solutions for Insurance


Hansa Cequity has helped insurance companies transform their customer & advisor insights with a focussed analytics-driven methodology and approach.

With over millions of customers across multiple insurance products like term, endowment, ULIP etc., and using both an advisor and bancassurance channel to reach-out and acquire customers, insurance companies are looking to maximize retention through better cross-sell & up-sell analytics solutions. This is key to driving profitability and growth of the customer portfolio.

At Hansa Cequity, we believe Customer Value Management (CVM) is key to improving both market share & share-of-wallet for insurance companies.

Therefore we have come up with a solution for insurance companies that starts with building a Cequity Snapshot™ - a proprietary insurance data model to build a single view of your customers to drive a data-driven marketing strategy. We overlay this with our Cequity ACE Insights™ - an analytics solution framework & methodology that makes building insights easy and quick. This can include understanding & segmenting your current customers, understanding advisors & segmenting them by value, predicting churn and improving persistency, predicting customers with the next best product etc.

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