Sales & Channel Analytics Solutions for Mutual Funds/Asset Management Companies


Hansa Cequity has helped Mutual Funds/Asset Management companies to transform their investor & channel insights with a focussed analytics-driven methodology and approach.

With over hundreds of fund options across – Liquid, Equity, Debt Schemes, the need for Asset Management companies is to get investors buy more products across different investment classes and improve their asset mix. Also, identifying & nurturing key distributors/IFAs & direct channels play an important role in reaching out to potential investors and making them invest in your products.

At Hansa Cequity, we believe Customer Value Management (CVM) is key to improving both market share & share-of-wallet for Mutual Funds/Asset Management companies. Therefore, we have a MF solution that starts with building a Cequity Snapshot™ - a proprietary MF data model to build a single view of your investors. We overlay that this with our Cequity ACE Insights™ - an analytics platform that makes building insights easy and quick. This can be understanding & segmenting your current investors, knowing which distributors are performing better across schemes and SIPs, benchmarking your branches by way of active distributors and new investor acquisition, product-mix growth etc.

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