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We are moving into an era where CMOs are expected to spend more than CIOs on technology, according to Gartner. With billions of dollars being put into technology, a significant amount of CMOs budget will be fairly spread between marketing programs and technology investments. We work along with leading technology companies across the globe to help our clients assess, select, implement and operate their marketing technology platforms for business impact.


Adobe Digital Marketing Solutions are helping businesses combine content and data, with personalisation, experience management, and social capabilities. Hansa Cequity, along with Adobe, is aiding the journey of businesses from data to insights to action. The partnership aims at intelligently optimising customer experiences and campaign returns across channels and devices.


IBM is among the first movers in creating technology solutions that can help enable the marketing folks. From advanced marketing automation tools that help deliver precision one-to-one marketing solutions to the best-in-class web analytics tools. Hansa Cequity has a close working relationship with IBM helping brand and marketing teams deploy and run IBMs technologies.

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