Hansa Cequity has deep and varied experience in helping retail brands understand the engage with customers. Over the years we have worked closely with Indian and international retail brands with retail strategy. Data management, analytics, CRM, technology, creative services, social media management and social CRM.

Experts with business side experience in retail work with specials in data, analysts who work exclusively with retail brands to understand customer buyer behavior, product strategy, market basket analysis, active and lapsed customer understanding, catchment area trends and patterns and more.

Furthermore, Cequity has helped these brands create, execute and analyse a variety of retail campaigns to bring customers back into stores and to drive new behaviours.

We have created and managed a variety of retail CRM programs including one of the world’s first social enabled CRM programs.

Our creative teams are able to create one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale delivering strategic work across email, SMS, social and the web. We have specialists who help create custom photo and video content for brands.

Hansa Cequity also works closely with brands to create and deliver highly targeted social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and YouTube.

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