Six Pillars of Our Services


Consulting Services

Hansa Cequity brings years of customer marketing thought leadership to every client engagement. Our team of some 400 professionals bring in years of first-hand work experience in business, customer strategy, marketing, data management, analytics, digital campaigns management and social media to help develop customer-centric marketing strategy and implementation processes. Start with any of our services to put the customer at the centre of your marketing process.





Data Management Platform

Hansa Cequity manages a variety of data from different sources for our clients. Our data warehouses store over 75 million unique customer profiles. Data specialists at Cequity have built both a server and cloud-based platform across client engagements to clean, catalogue, enrich, maintain and manage rich customer databases.

Our Customer Information Grid offers value adds like PIN codes, Geo tags, Ethnicity tags, Home and Job mover data, Social Media overlays and more to continuously enrich customer profiles.


Customer Analytics & Insights Platform

Hansa Cequity has built its reputation as one of the leading data-driven insights and customer information management companies. Our expertise lies in understanding behaviour and uncovering patterns and intentions of customers by using the data effectively across their lifecycle for relationship with companies. We offer a range of services to companies including CRM analytics, sales and marketing analytics, customer analytics, loyalty analytics, campaign analytics, customer lifetime value analysis, life stage based segmentation, lead scoring, social media analytics, content analytics and more. The knowledge and insights we glean from data are presented in easy to understand dashboards and presentations helping brands and companies take advantage of the information insights.






Marketing Optimisation Platform

Hansa Cequity’s Marketing Optimisation Platform answers deep and fundamental marketing questions using past and real-time data intelligence to help companies optimise marketing spends.


Campaign Management Platform

Hansa Cequity delivers hundreds of real-time, personalised, customer-intelligence driven campaigns every day. To us, every campaign is the foundation of a customer experience. Our campaigns served through a technology platform (via SMS, email, phone, direct mail, the web, on-ground and across social media platforms) ensure that there are analytical and intelligence driven triggers to enhance customer cross-sell, up-sell and win back strategies.

Creative technologists at Hansa Cequity are able to look at data in real-time and design campaigns that are relevant and targeted to micro segments of our client's customer databases. We design experiments and test multiple campaigns that can be delivered and measured, tweaked and scaled depending on ROI and business impact.

Data and responses from individual campaigns are pooled back into campaign data marts to further enrich the customer knowledge that lie in our transactional and behavioural databases.






Digital Experience Platform

Hansa Cequity delivers intelligent, technology-driven digital experiences for clients on digital, mobile and social media channels. We build experiences in the form of insights and analytics, mining social media profiles, apps, engagement portals and mobile properties to enable customer engagement. By analysing and understanding what works in the digital and social space, we create content that is differentiated, personalised and engaging. We listen to conversations using our online listening platform and build business processes to handle these conversations and resolve them. We even design and deliver insightful creative for our clients' customers.

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